How to Spend a Day in the Casco Book

This has been one of my favorite projects. For my Graphic Design II class I had to create a “How to Book.” I decided to do a “How to Spend a Day in the Casco” book. The “Casco” or Casco Viejo is the old town in Panama City, my favorite place in the entire country….

Book Cover

Book cover creation for my Graphic Design II class.

Kuna Yala Illustration

This is an illustration I created using Adobe Illustrator that was inspired on a picture taken by a friend in the San Blas Islands in Panama. I felt drawn to the image because of its interesting composition and rich colors, as well as my love towards Panamanian indigenous art.

Layout project

This project showcases my layout skills. For my Graphic Design class, I had to create a layout for a recipe the professor gave to us. Here are the project guidelines: chococake-project Here is what I came up with: Recipe layout PDF: choco-cake-recipe

Little Sesame Carves Out a Niche in Dupont

Article about a hummus pop-up joint near Dupont circle (published in the Food Review Section of The Hoya). Over the past few years, D.C. has seen an abundance of new restaurants specializing in hummus. Fast-casual hummus pop-up joint Little Sesame hopped onto the bandwagon recently, opening earlier this month on 18th Street near Dupont Circle….

Logo creation

For Intro to Graphic Design, I created a logo inspired on one of my good friend’s startups. She produces jewelry, especially earrings, in the shapes of insects, which is why she calls them “bichitos” (insects in Spanish). These are some of the earrings she makes. Here is the logo I created – both in color…

Valentines day cards

These are a series of Valentines Day cards I created for my Graphic Design class. The idea was to make a couple of Valentines Day cards, sent them to print, and then give them out to people who wouldn’t expect them. I was really excited to see them printed too! I sent them to print…

Beer labels

Here are three beer labels I created. La “bellissima madonna” translates to ‘the beautiful virgin,’ and those two first labels were inspired on my travels to Florence, and on my Latin American background. For these, I hand-painted the background, and then cretaed the rest of it on Adobe Illustrator (used some Mexican virgin illustrations as inspiration)….

More about Loo-PEE-tah

  Hello there! My name is Lupita – not Lubita, Lobira, or Lopita. My friends often call me Lupi, but now that I’m 22 and almost done with college, I prefer to be called Lupita (Lupi sounds a little too childish now). I was born and raised in Panama in a household of five children, after…


Article that was published on a Sunday magazine from LaPrensa, Panama. It talks about my travel experience in Africa. (Click on links – Botswana page 1, Botswana page 2, Botswana page 3)  

How Going Abroad Made Me More American

Blog post about my study abroad experience in Copenhagen (published at The Tab Georgetown). It’s a mistake to separate the international community from the American community in the way that we often do at Georgetown It’s no secret that the International community at Georgetown is like a “club” of its own. It’s often thought of as exclusive,…